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Posts from July 2023

Posts from July 2023

Friendship Families

Friendship Family is an outreach program to minister to first-year Chinese college students in GR. Unlike high school students, they do not have host families and typically stay in college dormitories. They need to settle down and find good churches. They are interested in American culture and desire to know American families. The friendship family program matches each…

Mini-Conference Evening on Revival

Steven Lee (founder of sermonaudio.com) and Dr. Beeke hope to speak on revival for a mini-conference evening on August 11 at the venue of Matthews Performing Arts Center at Cornerstone University, 3000 Leonard St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525. Please join us if you are able from 7:00–9:35 p.m. that evening. Here are links to the registration page and Facebook event page.…