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Hospitality is one of the themes at the heart of the gospel. God receives sinners with gracious hospitality. It is our growing conviction that hospitality lies at the heart of our life as a congregation and reaching out to others.

Hospitality is expressed in different ways, from a warm greeting to inviting others into our homes and lives. As you attend our church, a greeter will welcome you and help you with any questions you have. They will provide you with a bulletin and order of worship. They can also help you get your children to nursery.

Every Sunday, we also have a host family that is willing to share a meal and fellowship with you. Their names are located on the front page of the bulletin. You can meet them at the entrance by the carport. They will care for you in their home with a time of food and fellowship.

We pray that our hospitality reflects the warm heart of Christ in receiving others and leads you to His transforming kindness and grace.