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Inheritance Publishers

Inheritance Publishers

Inheritance Publishers has its own website that you can visit online at http://inheritancepublishers.com/.

Three or four times per year Inheritance Publishers (IP) prints sermons of Reformed divines from the 16th through the 19th centuries in booklets averaging 30-40 pages each. We specialize in printing out-of-print sermons from old books that are difficult to locate. More than 20,000 copies of each booklet are printed and mailed around the world by a team of volunteers. All but two of the IP board are from our congregation. This ministry is also dependent on donations and gifts from friends near and far.

If you would like to be added to the Inheritance Publishers mailing list, please email your postal address to ip@hrcgr.org. Similarly, if you are already on the mailing list and would like to change your address or be removed from the list, email your request to the same email address.

Downloadable Copies of Recently Published Sermons (PDF format):