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Youth Conference

Youth Conference

Youth Camp 2020

Youth Camp 2020, was held at Grace Adventures in Mears, Michigan from July 7-9.

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All campers should bring a Bible, sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, and bug repellent. You may wish to have an umbrella, fitted sheet, camera or additional reading material as well. Campers may wish to bring money to purchase books or for special activities.

Grace Adventures offers a wide variety of activities. At the lake you may swim, canoe, or kayak. The athletic field is perfect for soccer, football, or ultimate Frisbee. Volleyball courts are also available. Inside, ping pong tables will be set up. Bring along whatever you might wish to use for these activities.


The conference rules are outlined on the electronic application form, and you are asked to obey these guidelines out of love. They are intended to provide Christian direction to your behavior and its motives. If followed, they will enrich the camp environment and allow for the greatest possible growth among us. Thank you for your cooperation.

• All campers must be age 15 (having completed at least grade 9) – age 25.
• All electronic devices should be left home.
• Smoking is not permitted.
• No alcoholic beverages or energy drinks may be consumed.
• Young men and women must not enter the vicinity of each other’s cabins for any reason.
• Campers staying for the duration of the conference may not use personal vehicles during the time at camp.
• All young people will carpool from PRTS, 2965 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
• “Quiet Time” is from 11:15 PM to 6:30 AM.
• Residents of cabins or rooms will be held responsible to pay for any damaged items.
• Camp management’s permission is required for removing furniture, bedding, or equipment from buildings.
• Attendance at all meals, topics, and campfire gatherings is required.
• No fires are permitted except for the evening campfire. No fireworks.
• Each camper will participate in assigned cabin/grounds/kitchen clean-up duties.
• Skirts are not mandatory for topics, but skirts or shorts must come close to the knee (pants are also allowed).
• One-piece swimwear is required for young women and should only be worn in the swimming area.
• Adequate cover-ups over bathing suits (other than towels) are necessary to and from the swimming area.
• Note: tankinis are okay if no midriff shows when standing. If midriff shows, wear a T-shirt over it.
• Young men may wear pants or shorts to topics. A shirt must be worn at all times outside the swimming area.
• Campers are expected to dress modestly and appropriately at all times.**


  • No smoking means no smoking! In addition to being our camp rule, Grace Adventures is a non-smoking campus. If you are a smoker, you must leave your cigarettes behind in order to promote your health and that of other campers. Those who choose to smoke at the conference will be subject to discipline.
    ** “Appropriately” means dressing in a manner in which you would not be ashamed to come face to face with the Lord Jesus Christ, because in reality God is present at all times. For young women this means tops will cover the shoulder, cleavage, and midriff when raising your hands or bending over. This means no low-cut, see-through, tight-fitting, or too-short tops may be taken to camp. Tight-fitting or “short” skirts, dresses, shorts, and pants are deemed “inappropriate”. For young men this means no sagging pants allowing boxers to show.


Please feel free to contact us! Your camp directors this year are:

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis and Kristin Meschke
(616) 805-4441

Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Karen TenElshof
(616) 791-9409

Email: youthcamp@hrcgr.org

Grace Adventures
2100 N Ridge Road, Mears, MI 49436