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Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans


Sermon Text: Romans 6:1, 2; Outline: 1.) No, because of a profound change(不,因为一个重大的改变); 2.) No, because of a powerful counting(不,因为一次大能的数算); 3.) No, because of a plain command(不,因为一个直白的命令); 4.) No, because of a pointed contrast(不,因为一个指出来的对比)


Sermon Text: Romans 1:16-17; Outline: 1.) 表面是羞耻 (The appearance is shame); 2.) 里面是神的大能 (The inside is God’s power); 3.) 里面是神的义 (The inside is God’s righteousness); 4.) 里面是神的大恩 (The inside is God’s grace)
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