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Sermons by Dr. Joel Beeke

Sermons by Dr. Joel Beeke

Dr. Joel R. Beeke is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, a pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, editor of The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth, editorial director of Reformation Heritage Books, president of Inheritance Publishers, and vice-president of the Dutch Reformed Translation Society. He has written and co-authored over one hundred books, edited another one hundred books, and contributed fifteen hundred articles to Reformed books, journals, periodicals, and encyclopedias. His Ph.D. is in Reformation and Post-Reformation theology from Westminster Theological Seminary. He is frequently called upon to lecture at seminaries and to speak at Reformed conferences around the world. He and his wife Mary have been blessed with three children, Calvin (Laura), Esther (James), and Lydia (Isaac), and five grandchildren.

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SermonAudio.com sermons by Dr. Joel Beeke


Sermon Texts: Mark 1:9-11; Matt. 28:19-20; 2 Cor. 13:14; Outline: 1.) Intimated in the Old Testament(在旧约中暗示); 2.) Presupposed in the New Testament(在新约中预设); 3.) Explained in church doctrine(在教会教导中解释); 4.) Experienced in personal communion(在个人相交中经历); 不能保证翻译100%准确传达讲道原意,敬请谅解。

Jesus Applying Jordan’s Death to Us

Sermon Texts: Heb. 9:27–28; Jer. 50:4–5; Phil. 1:21; 1 Thess. 4:13–18; Luke 13:4–9; Outline: 1.) Jesus understanding us…. 2.) Jesus binding us….; 3.) Jesus answering us….; 4.) Jesus calling us….; 5.) Jesus inviting us….; 6.) Jesus explaining to us….; 7.) Jesus summoning us….; 8.) Jesus giving us….; 9.) Jesus teaching us….; 10.) Jesus pointing us….


Sermon Texts: Heb. 9:27–28; Jer. 50:4–5; Phil. 1:21; 1 Thess. 4:13–18; Luke 13:4–9; Outline: 1.) 耶稣了解我们…. ; 2.) 耶稣捆绑我们….; 3.) 耶稣回答我们……; 4.) 耶稣呼召我们……; 5.) 耶稣邀请我们……; 6.) 耶稣向我们解释……; 7.) 耶稣召唤我们……; 8.) 耶稣给我们……; 9.) 耶稣教导我们……; 10.) 耶稣指着我们……; 不能保证翻译100%准确传达讲道原意,敬请谅解。

The Twelve Commissioned by Jesus

Scripture Reading: Mark 6:6b–13; Outline: 1.) Jesus sets the example (v. 6b); 2.) Jesus calls the Twelve (v. 7a); 3.) Jesus sends them by twos (v. 7b); 4.) Jesus gives them authority (v. 7c); 5.) Jesus charges them to trust (vv. 8-10); 6.) Jesus confers upon them their task (vv. 12–13a); 7.) Jesus advises them about the outcome (vv. 11, 13b)


Scripture Reading: Acts 6:5; Acts 7:59-60; Outline; 1.) Displaying powerful faith in his witness(从见证中展现有力的信心); 2.) Receiving firm hope in his trial(在试炼中得到坚定的盼望); 3.) Manifesting fiery love in his execution(在处决中显出火热的爱)