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Sermons from June 2021

Sermons from June 2021


Scripture Reading: Ruth 4:1-8; Outline: 1.) With the council of wisdom and witness(与智慧见证的公会一起) 2.) With the choice of redemption or rejection(与拯救或拒绝的选择一起); 3.) With the catch of field and/or foreigner(与地产和外来者的继承一起); 4.) With the commitment of transfer and tradition(与交接和传统的承诺一起)

The Twelve Commissioned by Jesus

Scripture Reading: Mark 6:6b–13; Outline: 1.) Jesus sets the example (v. 6b); 2.) Jesus calls the Twelve (v. 7a); 3.) Jesus sends them by twos (v. 7b); 4.) Jesus gives them authority (v. 7c); 5.) Jesus charges them to trust (vv. 8-10); 6.) Jesus confers upon them their task (vv. 12–13a); 7.) Jesus advises them about the outcome (vv. 11, 13b)
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