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Sermons from August 2021

Sermons from August 2021


Sermon Text: Psalm 45:7; Outline: 1.) The anointed Christ(受膏的基督); a.) Christ as prophet(基督作为先知); b.) Christ as priest(基督作为祭司); c.) Christ as king(基督作为君王); 2.) The anointed Christian(受膏的基督徒); a.) The Christian as prophet(基督徒作为先知); b.) The Christian as priest(基督徒作为祭司); c.) The Christian as…


Sermon Text: Matthew 6:10; Outline: 1.) 愿父神掌管我们 (May God the Father rule us); 2.) 愿天父保守教会 (May heavenly Father keep the Church); 3.) 愿父神败坏敌人 (May God the Father destroy the works of His enemies); 4.) 直到神国完全降临 (Until the Kingdom of God fully come)