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Lessons from the Cross

Lessons from the Cross

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Mark 15:34

When I see my Savior hanging in so forlorn a fashion upon the cross: His head drooping down, His temples bleeding with thorns, His hands and feet with the nails, and His side with the spear; His enemies round about Him, mocking at His shame, and insulting over His impotence: how should I think otherwise of Him, than, as Himself complains forsaken of His Father?

But, when again I turn mine eyes, and see the sun darkened, the earth quaking, the rocks rent, the graves opened, the thief confessing to give witness to His deity; and when I see so strong a guard of providence over Him, that all His malicious enemies are not able so much as to break one bone of that body, which seemed carelessly neglected: I cannot but wonder at His glory and safety. God is ever near, though often unseen; and, if He wink at our distress, He sleeps not. The sense of others must not be judges of His presence and care; but our faith.

What care I, if the world give me up for miserable, as long as I am under His secret protection? Oh Lord, since Thou art strong in our weakness, and present in our senselessness, give but as much comfort in my sorrow, as Thou givest me security, and at my worst I shall be well.