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Sermons on AM (Page 30)

Sermons on AM (Page 30)


Scripture Reading: Matthew 27:29; Outline: 1.) A symbol of His prophesied suffering(他被预言的受难的记号); 2.) A symbol of His priestly substitution(他祭司的替代的记号); 3.) A symbol of His kingly love(他君王的爱的记号); 不能保证翻译100%准确传达讲道原意,敬请谅解。


Scripture Reading: 1 Timothy 3:16; Outline: 1.) 1. The special characteristics of this confession(这认信的特别之处); 2.) The Christ-centered articles of this confession(这认信的以基督为中心的内容); 3.) The practical imperatives of this confession(这认信的实际重要性) 不能保证翻译100%准确传达讲道原意,敬请谅解。